It’s wise to spend at least 40 minutes a day on your marketing, but what sort of things should you being doing? Here’s a list of activity that will give your business more visibility without costing you much money. These are activities that support your central marketing campaigns, however they shouldn’t be the only things that you do. Manage a couple of these a day and improve the visibility of your business.

  • Tweet – send out a few tweets based on news in your industry that day
  • Tweet @ industry people that you’d like to open dialogue with
  • Update your website with new stories, offers and relevant facts
  • Search Engine Optimisation – make sure you manage your SEO on a regular basis to keep your site visible
  • Write a blog – doesn’t have to be long, 300 words is fine and if it’s built into your website it will form content on your site and improve your SEO
  • Analysis – track your website and social media numbers
  • Forums – join and take part in conversations about your industry and become a trusted source of information within it
  • Linked In – again keep up to date with contacts and conversations
  • Update your Facebook page at least once per week
  • Read an industry blog or journal at least once per week
  • Book yourself onto some relevant networking events
  • Send direct emails to at least 5 different clients every week that you would like to do business with
  • Get some testimonials from happy customers and put them on your website and add them to your proposals
  • Write up some case studies of your success stories and post them on your website so that visitors get a better understanding of how you might be able to help them
  • This is a tough one as we are all busy but spend 30 mins with a blank whiteboard or sheet of paper and come up with a new idea every week for your business … it might be a system change, a new product idea or a marketing campaign … we all need time to think so make some for yourself every week

There’ll be more things that you can add to this list but keeping on top of these things will help you stay ahead with your marketing and should get you more interaction with your market place.

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