I had a heart warming brand experience this week at a high street store. I stopped by a Pret a Manger to grab a quick bite and found myself lounging in a comfy chair speaking to a staff member about ethical food sourcing and preparation, staff taste testing and all that’s good about Pret a Manger. This guy was the store’s biggest fan! Vijay told me all about how the food miles had been reduced and how fresh the sandwiches are, and that any food that’s not used is offered to local charities at the end of the day.

Wham! USPs and fuzzy warm feelings of corporate social responsibility flying all over the place. I only stopped by to grab a quick snack. I was so impressed and enthused by Vijay’s excitement at how his employer operates I stayed for nearly half an hour. He had been clearing tables and kept coming back with new revelations about how great it all was, and I was more than happy to chat.

Pret a Manger is clearly doing many things right. Everything I discussed with Vijay was re-iterated on their product packaging, which is actually a good read as you gnaw through your very tasty sarni. They appear to truly care about how their food tastes, where it comes from, how it is prepared and served, and how the company engages with staff, customers and the wider communities in which they operate.

All this via a terribly enthusiastic staff member. Result – I’m a Pret a Manger fan. Excuse me while I go and join their Facebook group…

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