It’s amazing what people get up to in their day jobs. We often think of bankers for example as clerk type people who sit behind desks counting money or as high flying pin stripe suit clad hob nobs who strut around the city with their Mont Blanc pens. There’ll be lots of other potentially unjust stereotype images you can conjure up here too but did you ever imagine one with a baby cow!

We recently worked with a banking team, helping them to find and develop their own brand stories and as part of an exercise this little gem came out. We had the team regaling us with stories of some of their proud moments while working for the bank when we struck gold with one banker who had actually delivered a cow whilst at work!

Now thankfully this didn’t take place in the branch. This chap specialises in agricultural finance and was out visiting a new account on this particular day. As it was the first time that the two men had met, the farmer invited his new banker to see the farm, so still in his suit but thankfully in his wellies they set off across the fields in a jeep.

Some way round they found a cow on its back with feet in the air. If that wasn’t distressing enough it also had paws (yes apparently they are called paws!) poking out from its rear end. Clearly concerned for the wellbeing of the livestock the banker rolled up his sleeves, mucked in with the farmer to right the cow and to help deliver its calf. All very James Herriot!

Now that’s not what you would expect to hear from a banker but it’s an example of a brand story that’s engaging, authentic and different. It’s not just about business, credit, loans and interest rates. It’s about understanding and being part of the day to day realities of client businesses.

If you had to sit next to this chap at a networking event then it would be far more interesting to hear this story and see just how well he understands his client and what they do, than listen to the usual business talk, don’t you agree? That’s why brand story telling is far more engaging than reciting features and benefits and far more memorable.

If you want some ideas on how to find your own brand stories then please feel free to get in touch with us. And if you have some great stories about bankers or animals even, then please add them to the comments below.

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