Brand storytelling is a powerful tool to help your organisation communicate more effectively in a world that bombards us with messages and information. If we want to inspire action or give information that gets remembered, then we need to deliver it in a way that affects our audience emotionally. Great leaders and powerful organisations have recognised that telling stories is a great tool to deliver messages of change, values and opportunities. But what sort of stories should you be looking for? Here are 5 topics to help you search for yours:


Who started your organisation and more importantly why did they start it? What and who inspired them and does the purpose still ring true today?

Customer service and experiences – speak to your customers and find out from their point of view what it’s like to do business with you. Ask them how you make them feel and that will give you a better understanding of the emotions you are creating with your brand.

Values – do you and does everyone in your organisation know your values and are they communicated in a way that will be remembered and acted on? Look for evidence of how each value is demonstrated and capture those stories.

Recruitment and your staff – why did your staff join your company, what are they proud of and what inspires them to work in your business?

The future – what is the future of the business? Tell the story like it’s already happened and the successes and emotions that are felt along the way.

When you start collecting your stories make sure you know what role you want them to play and how they could be used. This will help you collect the right material.

There will be stories right through the organisation so make sure you include as many people from the bottom to the top when you go searching.

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