Helping Santander Cut Through the Clutter With Memorable Stories

Telling Stories

Like many businesses Santander rely on the great people who work for them to help make the difference to their brand.  However just saying ‘we have great people who build excellent relationships with our clients’ is just not strong enough with today’s cynical audiences.  Not only that but all banks can use that line and expect it to make them stand out.

Rather than just say it, Santander used their brand stories to evidence the great relationships they build with their clients.

A number of workshops and conversations later, and we were able to gather the business-centric stories needed to launch their two new corporate branches with a bang. Real, engaging and informative are just some of the words used to describe the stories told across two events attended by 150 of the top business leaders in each of Santander’s two new city locations.  The result – a chance to cut through the clutter with memorable stories that got people talking and helped Santander communicate with their audiences in a new and engaging way.

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