Docu-Storytelling – How Documentaries Are Transforming the Digital Marketing Landscape

Telling your brand story is what we’re all about here at Hoot, but with so many new businesses entering the marketplace and so many old ones upping their game with regard to their marketing activities, it certainly pays to stand out by trying a different tack. Storytelling is one marketing route that will always remain strong, and docu-storytelling is transforming the digital landscape as we know it right now.

Here we explore the creative ‘to dos’ that make storytelling through documentaries worth your while and provide examples of the brands that are leading the way so far.

The skinny on docu-storytelling

The drama of real life isn’t wasted on most people, and storytelling through documentaries, or docu-storytelling as we like to refer to it, takes the process of amplifying what your brand is all about to a whole new level. As with traditional storytelling, documentary filmmakers must strive to tell a strong story, one that inspires interest and engagement throughout their target marketplace. Content creation is becoming more and more important alongside advertising, and whilst there are a few technical rules you should adhere to in order to ensure the quality is up there, using docu-storytelling is the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild!

Powerful and underused, into the New Year and beyond docu-storytelling will become one trend that just won’t falter when communicating with your target audience and getting your products or services out there to the people who matter the most to your brand. Documentaries as a whole have massive audience appeal and as well as offering a practical way to communicate they also inspire a brand loyalty that just can’t be underestimated.

Share a story worth telling

Whilst a story about the art of hand-painted ads may not necessarily come to mind when promoting an alcoholic beverage, Stella Artois’ Up There campaign is a 13-minute documentary that tells of a “dying craft of large-scale hand painted advertising and the untold story of the painters trying to keep it alive”, and it was a huge success. The campaign may indeed be a few years old but it is a prime example of thinking outside the box to create a documentary subject worth talking about.

Aim to inspire

Thanks to their long running documentary series – its first instalment was unveiled back in 2001 – shoe brand Vans has inspired a generation through creative expression. Their #LIVINGOFFTHEWALL series inspires watchers to think differently and even invites viewers to inspire them with their own stories, creating an audience participation focus underused by many brands.

Don’t be afraid to use humour

Humorous marketing videos are usually a little hit or miss, but Gillette’s Are We Killing The Kiss? takes their brand to the street to offer a hilarious interview style to ultimately answer whether the growth of facial hair is getting in the way of those all-important kisses. This short documentary goes one step further to reveal the issues faced by the women kissing these ‘lazy look’ men.

In short, every brand has a story to tell and using docu-storytelling to share yours is a great way to offer an honest and interesting touch to your marketing strategy, I’m sure your audience can’t wait to hear it!

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