How Does What Makes You Different Make a Difference?

All too often when we ask a team or a new client ‘what makes you different?’ the answer that comes back is ‘our people’. ‘Our company has great people and we build great relationships with our clients.’

We’ve no doubt that your company has great people and that they build great relationships, but here’s the rub… every company has some great people who get along and look after their clients really well and those companies will tell you their people is what makes them different. So saying it doesn’t actually make you any different from your competitors.

It’s true, people buy from people they like, know and trust and it’s the relationships that we develop that help us build strong companies. But just saying it is not enough. If you want to differentiate your brand and your business that way, then it’s really important to offer some evidence.

That’s where brand stories come in. A good brand story will help you evidence the real life experiences that a client has had with your business. Using a client story that details a particular dilemma or an authentic story of how a client used your product or service in their own world will help you bring to life the real difference you made.

Your people are likely to be the most powerful asset you have so let them tell their stories and help others see the difference you’ve made for your clients.

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