How Wrigley’s Chewing Gum Is Making People Cry…

I found myself with a tear in my eye after watching an advert for chewing gum this week for heaven’s sake!

Wrigley’s Extra unwrapped their new ad this week but rather than tell us all about the minty freshness and being the UK’s favourite sugar free gum, they hit us with a love story. The story is the unfolding relationship of Sarah and Juan who meet at school and develop their bond with the normal twists and turns into young adulthood.

It’s set to a backdrop of romantic music, ‘I can’t help falling in love with you’, and takes on their journey which splits them apart and brings them back together, finishing with a fabulous scene which is perhaps both predictable but also has a beautiful surprise.

The advert launched on the 7th October 2015 and in less than two weeks it’s been viewed over 8 million times!

Why has it been so successful? Because it reaches us on an emotional level. That’s what great stories do, they take us on a journey that we can feel part of, and that touch our hearts with real life twists, turns and feelings.

Not everyone can develop a love story around their brand but there will be customer experiences and stories that take an audience on a journey and that can help us connect to that brand at a more emotive level, even in B2B marketing.

For those of you who’ve not seen it yet, here’s Sarah and Juan’s story:

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