What Disney Classics Are Teaching Us About Marketing Right Now

Disney is still one of the most profitable movie franchises ever, and whilst there are no doubt some forgotten relics, the majority of the films created by the Disney family not only transcend time but are loved by generation after generation. As a business, capturing just a snippet of the magic will make your brand and its products or services truly timeless and unlock increased revenue for years to come, but what do our favourite classics really teach us about how you should be marketing?

Here we explore the golden rules of storytelling Disney-style so you can not only tell your story but engage with people successfully.

Go back to basics

Think back to all your favourite Disney films, there are no complicated storylines to contend with, and that’s just one of the reasons why they are loved by so many regardless of their age. By stimulating the emotions of the viewer and telling a story that works to satisfy most of the senses, Disney films have captured audiences from across the globe aged from 0 to 100 years!

The language used is also emotive and each Disney film relies on an easy to understand dialogue. The lesson – encourage viewers to feel and see your story and to cry with and love the characters that sit at the heart of it. Keep the story behind your marketing campaign simple and embrace a wider, more enthused audience as a result.

Create a hero and a baddie

This storytelling principle may sound a little clichéd but the role of good versus evil is one that is played out time and time again on the silver screen as well as in the Disney films we know and love. It’s not just Disney that has used this premise to create epic blockbusters, apparently Steve Jobs also liked to picture each of his products in a Star Wars story to better communicate its purpose to his target audience, so if it’s good enough for Apple, why not use the same principle to market your business?

The hero role should also be portrayed, in fact, Pixar coined a saying that you should work to “admire a character for trying more than for their successes”, and that’s a rule that nearly all of their films live by. These hero and baddie roles don’t have to be traditionally played out but, just like Disney, your stories should work to inspire and motivate the people who are watching through their characters.

Live the story

Two things that your story should be are personal and fun, after all if viewers experience the passion you have for your business, then it’s very difficult not to respond with enthusiasm. As well as making your story memorable, the fun factor will separate you from your competitors, whilst adding a personal twist, even to a classic brand story, will show your audience that you are not only telling the story but living it…

Next time you watch your favourite Disney film, you may just realise the marketing potential that its principles bring to your own business, everyone wants a Cinderella story after all!

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